Software Benefits

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Time Savings:

Phigs Hotel System will search and retrieve a required data in a flash. It saves the time that currently spending on refereeing to files and records.


Phigs Hotel is automated to send reports, backup database, room billing, late checkout bill and synchronize your database to a remote server.

Cloud Reporting:

Phigs Hotel is automated to synchronize your database to a remote server for a web view/Mobile app view of the activities and transaction going on in your hotel from anywhere in the world

Background Transaction Posting

Phigs Hotel is automated to post transaction to different ledgers at the background

Backup and restoring:

Database backup makes helps to protect database data from theft, physical damage and computer viruses and malware and the records will be more secure than in file based system. Phigs Hotel can restore the system database if there is a need.

Generate Reports:

System generates detailed reports that provide a clear picture of what’s going on in the hotel and help management to take the appropriate decisions and adjustments.